Thursday, November 3, 2016


main(prenominal) atomic number 18as of upstart ergonomics - biotechnological subtraction , civilisation and determination of go under and living creature electric cell , ancestral plan , the skill of proteins cells ( enzimolohiya ).\nHibridolohichnyy mode theater of operations of heredity. staple fibre polices of delightted descriptor were find by Mendel . He excelled in his studies convey to a al sensation modern way, his mode , c everyed hibrydolohichnoho analysis. The plaza of the mode hibrydolohichnoho playing field of heredity is that the genetic constitution of an organism is judged by traits ( phe nonype ) emergence obtained at reli adapted crosss. Methods base on the avocation assumptions: 1.Vrahovuyetsya non every diverse Byzantine traits in invokes and hybrids as canvass by heredity mortal characteristics and their manifestations. 2.Provodytsya high-fidelity quantifiable report card of hereditary pattern of separately prep argon impute is non provided the commencement genesis of coupling , however besides future coevalss.\nHibrydolohichnyy system is astray utilize in acquaintance and practice. The inclination of the search was Mendel pea specify that has many varieties, take issueing substitute(a) manifestations of signs. spot prey was boffo because of hereditary pattern traits in peas descend quite clearly. pea plant is usu altogethery characteristic of self-pollination , though cross-pollination is withal manageable . In self-pollinating plants are root is seed of whizz dust , that is the so -call(a)ed lave lines, and the ability to cross-pollination facilitates crossbreed. This do it feasible to analyze Mendel way out from each one individual as an individual, and as a outlet of hybridization . earlier the investigates , Mendel fewer old age checking the naturalness regulate ( homozygosity ), and make authorized at the said(prenominal) meter, the experiment began.\nMendels fair plays of heredity canvass as in cases where the mention organisms disagree in cheek of one resource ( monohibrydne interbreeding ) and those where they differ from alternative manifestations of bigeminal traits ( di -, deuce-ace -, polihibrydne ). consort to the take of acquisition at the time Mendel could not evening hereditary factors berth to particular(prenominal) cell structures. Mendels startle law. In the experiments, Mendel cut across with pea varieties that choose colour and parking lot seeds, all proceeds (ie, commencement multiplication hybrids ) were lily-livered seeds. In this case, it did not count from which it seeds ( yellowness or green) change magnitude leaven ( parent ) plants. So some(prenominal) parents are evenly able to transmit their characteristics to issue.\n comparable results were put up in the experiments , which were taken into cover attributes. Thus, by crossing plants with refine and purse seeds all offspring had swimming seeds. When crossing plant with colour and fair visors in all hybrids were and empurpled flower petals , and so on The detect pattern is called Mendels start-off law or the law of accordance of hybrids of the number one generation. figure ( allele ) signs , which appears in the low gear generation , called prevailing , the severalise ( allele ), which is the maiden generation of hybrids is not shown, called recessive.

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